Division Adjacents Businesses

The Adjacent Business Division is composed of the following entities:

AD Industries Exameca Mesure
AD Industries Tire Molds
AD Industries Medical Composites

Thanks to the specificities and complementary of AD Industries Exameca Mesures, AD Industries Tire Molds and AD Industries Medical Composites, our Group is able to operate in sectors adjacent to those of aerospace and defense.

AD Industries Exameca Mesure

Designs, manufactures and installs flexible dimensional measuring machines for the mechanical industry. Aerospace technologies applied to the metrology sector make it possible to offer machines on the market that combine precision, speed, and reliability in demanding environments such as production workshops.

A pioneer in the integration of multi-technology contact and optical sensors, Exameca Mesure is able to control all the dimensional characteristics of a part ( diameter, length, circularity, beat, profile, etc.) with micrometric accuracy.

The parts designed by AD Industries Exameca Mesure are intented mainly for the automotive sector for the control of transmission, engine and steering parts, as well as the aerospace and industrial sectors.

AD Industries Tire

Mold maker specialising in the design and manufacture of complexe tyre moulds. The mastery of a low-pressure aluminium injection technology enables the Group to position itself as THE specialist in complex molds, particularly for winter and high-performance tyres.

AD Industries Medical Composites

Ensures and guarantees the manufacture of various parts in the medical field such as portable radiographic detectors, radiology tables, mammography supports, radiological elements and equipment. We also have three autoclaves, including one high-temperature autoclave, three thermo-regulated presses, paint booths and three machining centres.